Visualize your body like a factory and your organ systems like little machines. Machines that are simultaneously generating strong, energy output. Ask yourself, what would happen, if one or more of these little machines begins to weaken and slow down?  Would this affect factory output? Yes. Immediate attention would be necessary to correct this situation. To ignore any warning signs would ultimately generate more future issues and decline.

Symptom expression is the body’s way of communicating distress. Warning signs should never be ignored, measures of action and preventative solutions are necessary for positive health outcomes. Problematic areas of weakness requires a holistic approach. This approach is a process where the declining areas are identified, remedied and repaired. 

Maintenance of daily prevention reduces Ill health and dis-ease expressions. This preventative action allows the body to self- heal, which is a fundamental natural law reaction. 


Our environment plays an active role in our health expressions. It affects us, mentally, physically, in sickness and in health.  Unhealthy environments over time creates body outcomes of weakness and disease. (Examples: poor daily habits, toxins, pathogens, nutritional deficiencies, emotional/physical stress, etc.)  The body is designed for strength and balance, requires energy from strong, working organ systems.

Problematic organ systems requires three steps of action  

  1. Identify the system(s) and cause of weakness (ie deficiencies, inhibitors, blockages, pathogens etc). 
  2. A remedy solution to address the issue(s) (increase nutrition, elect herbal remedy(s), reduction of poor habits, increase or establish healthy habits and exercise protocols etc). 
  3. Repair is the final phase. This process is naturally performed by the body when free of heavy burdens and deficiencies. Preventative lifestyle and corrections in health are easily made when mindful practices of daily healthy habits, nutrition, relationships and exercise are executed.


Functional Healthcare Practitioners are trained to assess and treat the root cause of DIS- ease. They may not have all the answers or pieces to your health puzzle. But, they do practice according to natural law principles. We recommend a qualified Functional Healthcare Professional to assist when advanced health issues are present.


Nature’s remedies are compatible and readily available for self-healing practices. Natural elements provide raw materials for healing, promoting strength and balance back to the body. They are the very source of our physical existence.