Abba Gold Oil  (CBD 600 mg & 1500 mg) heals and regulates cellular function and balances the inflammatory process. Abba Gold Oil gets to the “root” of healing the body.

* Abba Gold Oil is an extraction from the hemp plant. We only use a patented method of extraction using Low- Natural Vapor Heat.  This method retains all plant cannabinoid compounds for better body benefits.

◦ Enzyme Defense Pro cleanses, repairs and removes infections and increases immune function. Its a clean, effective way to rejuvenate healthy body tissue. 

◦ Organic greens/reds powder nutritional deficiency balancer. This powder heals the gut and assists in whole body wellness.

◦ Critical Digestion is an enzyme supplement that assists with nutritional assimilation and gut health. This supplement aids the digestive system for better meals absorption.